About Us – KYK Trendz

KYK Trendz specializes in Gifts and Home Decor. We specialize in unique gifts for weddings, holidays and much more with our handcrafted Wood Signs and Wooden Arts, Eco-friendly Reusable Gift Bags, and Custom Print and Custom Embroidery Monogram.

We love everything about personalizing – Be it your own room, your gift bag or even your special event like your wedding, graduation, birthday or holiday party, we can personalize anything based on your unique taste. We understand that every individual is different and unique and so is their taste. We understand that you love your favorite products, you have a special space that you spend a lot of time in and you are waiting to celebrate your big events with your loved ones. So, why not personalize it all and make them truly yours creating more memories.

We’d love to personalize your gifts, home decor, wedding and much more with our custom made, beautiful wooden wall arts and wooden signs that are all made of natural wood. We carefully handcraft every single piece to make it truly yours! We’d also love to personalize your gifts with our custom print and custom embroidery such as monograms and make ’em truly yours!



Please feel free to Contact Us for any of your custom art project, custom print/embroidery project, and for thoughtful gifting with our Eco-friendly bags. We are here to help you personalizing your products, space and your special events.

Make it Truly Yours!!


Thank You!



KYK Trendz